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Technology Ensures Your Business Success

Marketing Ensures Your Business Future

The technology you use and how it is used to engage your customer has a dramatic and lasting impact on your business growth and profit. Your business must operate effectivly and strategically at every level to succeed.


Technology Ensures Your Business Success

Marketing Ensures Your Business Future

The technology you use and how it is used to engage your customer has a dramatic and lasting impact on your business growth and profit. Your business must operate effectivly and strategically at every level to succeed.

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What Clients Say

Digital Elevates Marketing to Optimize Profit and Growth

I worked with Robert on two ground breaking retail concepts with FGL Sports…Robert was instrumental in leading our digital design and digital element selection process through to execution … his determination and relentless approach to execution add tremendous organizational value to his brilliant technical skills and strong strategic mind.

Our West Edmonton Mall Sport Chek went from $18MM to $36MM in year one. Robert intimately understands that technology can entertain, educate, engage and inspire. That digital can elevate marketing to whole new levels, that digital can bring personalization and with that is a key differentiator in the customer experience. He has proven that digital and technology can be a huge competitive advantage and optimizer of profit and growth.

Chad McKinnon

President Golf Town- Former COO, Sportchek - FGL Sports

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Leaders and Influencers

Robert interviewing Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak in front of 2500 Entrepreneurs from around the world.

Steve Wozniak

Robert with Steve Wozniak, Inventor, Apple co-founder, Technology Entrepreneur

George Ross

Robert hanging out and comparing socks with George Ross, Author of Trump Strategies for Real Estate and advisor on the NBC reality television program The Apprentice

Mel Gibson

Robert with Mel Gibson Actor, Director and Producer. Winner of 2 Academy Awards, 2 AFI Awards.  Multiple nominations including Golden Globe, BAFTA and MTV Movie Awards

Gene Simmons

Robert with Gene Simmons, Member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Entrepreneur, co-founder of KISS rock band, KISS merchandise (over 3000 items), co-founder of ROCK AND BREWS restaurants, reality show star, and more!

Christie Brinkley

Robert with Christie Brinkley, American Model, Actress with over 500 magazine covers with financial holdings of an estimated worth $102 million USD

John Travolta

Robert with John Travolta Actor, Golden Globe for Best Actor, Britanna Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from Chicago Film Festival, 2 Academy Award nominations, winner of BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, and award winning pilot

Kevin Eastman

Robert with Kevin Eastman, former American basketball coach and VP of Basketball Operations LA Clippers in the NBA

Craig Duswalt

Robert with Craig Duswalt, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer. Both Robert and Craig toured with Guns N’ Roses and Air Supply at different times.

James Malinchak

Robert with James Malinchak, featured on the hit ABC TV Show “Secret Millionaire”, professional speaker

Jack Canfield

Robert with Jack Canfield, Originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series (500 million copies worldwide), America’s #1 Success Coach, his most recent National Bestseller is, “The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”

Nido Qubein

Robert with Nido Qubein, President of High Point University, Business Leader with Great Harvest Bread Company, BB&T ($230 billion in assets) and La-Z-Boy Corporation, Author of books on leadership, sales, communication among others

Bret Michaels

Robert with Bret Michaels american singer-songwriter and musician and lead singer from top selling band Poison

Troy Dunn

Robert with Troy Dunn, American television personality star of The Locator, publisher, also seen frequently on Dr. Phil, he has found more than 40,000 missing relatives, long-lost friends and biological parents during the last 18 years (

Glen Foster

Robert hanging out backstage with Glen Foster, top comedian in Canada for over three decades, including 8 appearances at “Just for laughs” Montreal Comedy Festival, and regular guest on CBC Radio’s “the Debators

Joe Theismann,

Robert with Joe Theismann, former professional football player, sports commentator, corporate speaker and restaurateur

Dr. Ron Rosedale

Robert with Dr. Rosedale, Internationally known medical expert, founder of the Rosedale Center, co-founder of Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine and the Caroline Center for Metabolic Medicine

Jonathan Sprinkles

Robert with Jonathan Sprinkles, Motivational Speaker & author of 13 books including 2 international best sellers

Marketing Innovation

Marketing today requires an indepth understanding of the Internet, of the importance of every aspect of your online presence and how multitude of pieces must fit together to address your ideal audience with your unique value proposition.

Internet Presence

Your Internet Presence is more than just a website, and even a website is more than what a website used to be. To truely insert yourself into your ideal customers decision journey, you need to be in the right place online, at the right time and in the right way.

Marketing Convergence

Each of these subject areas are no longer distinct, they need to be melded together by technology in a way that let’s your ideal customer step into it so they live there comfortably and will invite their friends and more.

Bricks & Mortar Response

Retail stores can compete with online so there is no contest, the winner is the unforgetable immersive customer experience. How can you achieve this for your Retail location in a time when so many are going bankrupt? It is simple, but it’s not easy. It takes guts to make the switch. Read more about how Robert did it for a client. More Info

Technology Innovation

Yes, in addition to Marketing innovation I’ll make your business match your technology and your technology match your business.

Technology Assessment

It all begins with clear understanding where you are right now. Are your systems meeting your needs or letting you down? Most businesses, big or small, do not have an accurate picture of their current technology needs.

Technology Roadmap

It is not about the latest and greatest it is about appropriate and fit to your unique situation. Start where you are now and putting a roadmap in place to get you where you need to go in a step by step way so you do not waste time or money. That is how you not only improve but dominate your competition.


Once you know what you need and how to get there it is time to get it done. Implementation brings it all home if you get all the details right. This is when you need to be sure you stay focused and follow the plan.

Security Audit

With so many moving parts you need to know that nothing, and no one, is slipping through the cracks. Doing the deep dive on your business to make sure you are secure is the fist step. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. The hackers will find it if you don’t find it first.

Threat Protection

Secure all the loose ends is critical and keeping them secured means that you can continue to operate with peace of mind. Having the right security measures in place gives you and your customer the confidence you both deserve and demand.

Threat Response

Security is ever changing because hackers never quit. This is not a do once solution as the problems continue to evolve. When you put the right measures in place and stay attentive to the problem you have mounted the best defense and a rapid response means you won’t be an easy target.

Robert Hubbs

Robert is a Marketing & Technology (MarTech) expert who focuses on innovative profit-driven customer experiences for businesses who choose to lead. He has been designing and implementing leading edge marketing, technology & security solutions for companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar brands more than 25 years. He is internationally-recognized expert, speaker and strategist whose ideas, opinions and guidance have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in income for his clients and world first technology advancements. Mr. Hubbs and his products have been featured on CBC, NBS, CBS, Fox, ABC, The Discovery Channel and in countless investor and technology conferences in the USA and Canada.

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